Our Story

The name - Hasideans Code originated from a passage in Maccabees, a retelling of the Jewish revolt and cleansing of the Temple. Rather than disobey God, the Maccabees were willing to risk their lives to fight for and keep the commandments of the God they loved. The Hasideans are only mentioned once, as a band of mighty warriors of Israel, who pledged their swords to defend the laws of God and uphold his precepts.

Though there are many speculations on who the Hasideans were, and what became of them, there is not much else known about them. The Hasidean’s to us have become a symbol for believers who strive to better themselves, and are willing to risk everything in pursuit of a loving and just Creator. To pursue spiritual and physical excellence by living out that code, the Hasidean’s Code.

Our goal at Hasidean’s Code is to support missions around the world by portraying the reality of spiritual warfare through our brand. Through images of fitness, faith, and warfare, we hope to illustrate the physical manifestation of the struggle between good and evil, flesh against spirit. By which victory only comes through blood, the blood of the only begotten Son of God, Yeshua of Nazareth.